Acrobats fall during Ringling Brothers Stunt

Ringling Bros. Accident – Huge Workers Compensation Claim Potential

Unfortunate events can have devastating results.  Equipment failures and human negligence can lead to so serious on-the-job injuries.  Having exceptional workers comp coverage can provide quality care for injured employees, and protect business owners from financial hardship.  The Ringling Brothers Circus accident at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI is a recent example of a horrible unfortunate accident; an accident that may have long-term effects on the injured performers and may also result in a very costly insurance claim.

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Positive Trends in Texas Workers Compensation

Texas Workers Compensation System Include Lower Costs for Employers

AUSTIN, TX – Declining workplace injuries and fewer claims for workers compensation benefits are leading to lower costs for employers, Commissioner of Texas Workers Compensation Rod Bordelon said today during invited testimony before the House Business & Industry Committee.  Read more

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PEO Industry Press

nationwide workers compensation network
SimpleWorkComp Introduces “SimpleWorkComp Network

Tampa, Florida—August 15, 2013—SimpleWorkComp® a national PEO Broker today announced plans to rollout a new membership based concept titled “The SimpleWorkcomp Network“; a cohesive program targeting agents and peo brokers designed to assist them in fulfilling the needs of hard-to-place clients.

The program also provides agents and brokers the opportunity to easily expand their menu of products and services since the network administrators facilitate all sourcing and paperwork on  their behalf.

Recruiting began August 14th however the official launch is scheduled for August 23th in time for the NAPEO convention September 7th.  Membership is free for the first 500 recruits.

Free Member Benefits Include:

  • Personal Customized Webpage
  • Online Resources & Tools
  • Full Time Administrative Support
  • Access To National Markets

Form more information visit, or call SimpleWorkComp headquarters at 1-866-684-5684.  The nationwide workers compensation network.

Press Contact:
Arthur Leduc
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Network Director:
Steven VanDeboe
[email protected]

Administrative Manger:
Joan Serrevalle
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Franchise Workers Compensation Insurance

Franchise Workers Compensation Insurance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Franchise Workers Compensation Insurance

June 12, 2013

A Private Label HR & Business Insurance Program for Franchises

Simple Work Comp, a national PEO Broker announced today the rollout of its new turn-key program for Franchises looking to assist store owners in finding affordable payroll and workers’ compensation services.

Store owners (Franchisees) pick and choose which Franchise endorsed products and services they will need.  Simple Work Comp then facilitates the acquisition of the products and services on their behalf, and continues to manage them at no cost to the store owner.

Most small business owners don’t have the time to shop for insurance or a solid payroll service that actually saves them money.  We leverage 15 years of buying power and knowledge to secure reliable options for our clients.  There’s no reason a small business should pay more just because they’re unsure of their needs.  We know what they should be paying and where the best coverage is, state by state.”

Frankie VanDaBoe, Founder & CEO

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Seeking New PEO Partnerships

As a result of the recent spike in our economy, we have experienced a tremendous amount of activity from companies large and small seeking PEO services.  We are currently looking for a new partner that is willing to write new business, some of which is not perfectly clean and struggling to find coverage in the open market.

Simple Work Comp is a multi-state PEO broker with a proven track record of over 15 years.   We are looking to join forces as an effort to become creative and find new ways to write this business in a timely manner without compromising the quality of service our clients have come to expect.

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Frankie VanDeBoe
Founder & CEO



Increase Annual PEO Quote To Sales Ratio

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Increase your PEO Sales

If you’re not writing the business… someone else is. Capitalize on the business you’re walking away from and let SimpleWorkComp earn you residual income on the deals you’re not able to write. We do all the work; you share in the profit.

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Working with SimpleWorkComp gives you the opportunity to retain high-risk unprofitable PEO clients, and the ability to gain new ones without assuming the risk.

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With the ability to write new business your ROI will increase with each advertising dollar you spend.

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Workers Compensation Solutions for Agents

SimpleWorkComp Agent Partnership Program

Agents Earn Workers Compensation Commissions

On January 1st SimpleWorkComp, a national workers compensation provider based in Tampa, revealed it’s new “Agent Partnership Program”.  This nationwide program is intended to provide insurance Agents with a variety of solutions for their clients with high-risk policies who are in danger of losing their coverage and/or paying excessive workers compensation premiums.  Agents retain their book of business and earn commissions on all policies in which SimpleWorkComp writes on their behalf.

Empowering Agents

In addition to offering workers comp solutions for high-risk clients, the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program enables Agents to attract new business big and small.  Many Agents no longer have the ability to write worker’s comp policies and in some cases Agents have no desire to write small policies do to time constraints, ultimately forcing them to turn away business.  No matter how small or big the client, the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program handles all aspects of the policy, empowering Agents to focus their time and energy on prospecting and managing business that they are able to write.

Agents Retain Their Book Of Business Guarantee

Agents are guaranteed protection in that SimpleWorkComp will not pursue nor infringe upon their book of business.  All client introductions are handled with the Agent’s best interest in mind.  As an effort to gain the trust of Agent and to ensure completely transparency, SimpleWorkComp has established a Q & A forum which allows Agents to post questions, view responses from program directors, and view questions and comments by other Partnership Program Agents.

Healthy Agent relationships are essential to the programs long-term success.  When an Agent becomes part of the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program, we guarantee that we will never attempt to pursue their book of business.  Our objective is to write policies and to pay commissions to Agents on those policies.  Any attempt to infringe on an Agent’s business would be counterproductive to the program, and ultimately diminish any creditability we’ve earned in the past 18 years… so it will never happen.”

 Mike Martin, Vice President Sales

Learn More About Our Workers Compensation Solutions

As workers compensation legislation continues to have a perilous affect on employers across the nation, now is the time to pursue other avenues; to reinvent business models and to think out of the box.  SimpleWorkComp is doing just that.

Call toll free for further details: 1-866-684-5684


State: FL FWCJUA Board to Look at Rates and Legislation:

The governing board of the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association (FWCJUA) will meet by teleconference on June 13 to review rates, 2012 legislation and other issues.

FWCJUA said in a meeting announcement the board also will review its plan for disaster recoveries and discuss premium dividends.

The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. (EDT). Those wishing to participate should call Kathy Coyne at 941-378-7408.

Source: FWCJUA, WorkCompCentral


State: MN Report Says Paid Comp Claims Down 43% from 1997 to 2010:

The number of paid workers’ compensation claims fell 43% relative to the number of employees from 1997 to 2010, the 2010 “Minnesota Workers’ Compensation System Report” released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry shows.

The report says the workers’ compensation claim rate fell to 4.9 claims per 100 full-time-equivalent employees in 2010 from 8.7 in 1997.

Department Commissioner Ken Peterson said the report “underscores that Minnesota’s workplaces have become much safer for employees and comparatively less costly for employers since 1997.”

Peterson added that “as has been the case for the past few years, medical treatment for injuries was the chief cost driver for the system, increasing annually per claim by more than 5% above average wages since 1997.”

The report also shows that the 2010 total workers’ compensation system cost was $1.25 per $100 of payroll, the lowest since 1997.

Because of the falling claim rate, total benefits, including medical, cash and rehabilitation, fell 6% relative to payroll between 1997 and 2010, the report notes in its executive summary. Medical care accounted for the largest share of total system cost at 35%.

The total cost of Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system was an estimated $1.33 billion for 2010, or $1.25 per $100 of payroll — the lowest since 1997.

In 2010, on a current-payment basis, the three largest components of total workers’ compensation system costs were medical benefits (35%), insurer expenses (31%) and indemnity benefits other than vocational rehabilitation (30%).

Pure premium rates for 2012 were down 27% from 1997, their lowest level since that year.

Adjusting for average wage growth, medical benefits per insured claim rose 90% from 1997 to 2009, while indemnity benefits rose 34%. All of the increases for indemnity benefits occurred by 2003, the report says.

The average 2009 workers’ compensation claim cost $9,080 for medical and indemnity benefits combined (including vocational rehabilitation).

Relative to payroll, indemnity benefits were down 14% between 1997 and 2010, while medical benefits were approximately the same, the department says. “This reflects the net effect of the falling claim rate and higher benefits per claim,” the report comments.

Medical and indemnity benefits (including vocational rehabilitation) amounted to $0.87 per $100 of payroll for 2010.

The report says that “by counteracting the increasing trend in benefits per claim, the falling claim rate has kept system cost per $100 of payroll at historically low levels.”

From 1997 to 2010, after adjusting for average wage growth, paid indemnity claims showed:

— Total disability benefits rose 20%.
— Temporary partial disability benefits fell 15%.
— Permanent partial disability benefits fell 31%.
— Stipulated benefits rose 87% (stipulated benefits include indemnity, medical and vocational rehabilitation benefits).

Claims with stipulated benefits made up 24% of paid indemnity claims for 2010, up from 17% for 1997.

In vocational rehabilitation:

— The participation rate increased from 15% to 23% of paid indemnity claimants from 1997 to 2010.
— The average service cost per participant was $8,830 for 2010, 25% higher than 1998 after adjusting for average wage growth.

Vocational rehabilitation accounted for an estimated 3.0% of total workers’ compensation system costs in 2010.

Twenty-one percent of paid indemnity claims for 2010 had one or more disputes of any type, an increase from 16% in 1997.

“The leading components of this increase were medical disputes, up 92%, and vocational rehabilitation disputes, up 69%,” the report says.

The percentage of paid indemnity claims with claimant attorney involvement rose 41% during the same period.

The total number of dispute resolutions at the department rose 27% from 1999 to 2011. Most resolutions at the department are  by agreement among the parties.

“At the Office of Administrative Hearings since 2001, the numbers of settlement conferences, discontinuance conferences and medical and rehabilitation conferences have fallen, but the number of hearings has shown little net change,” the report comments.

Source:  Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, WorkCompCentral


State: CA DIR Launches Website to Aid Injured Workers:

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has launched a new website to help guide injured workers through the administrative claims resolution process.

DWC Administrative Director Rosa Moran issued a statement on Wednesday explaining that the online resource was created because workers who are hurt “need accurate information and assistance, and they need it quickly.”

She said that “(t)oo often injured workers are unaware of their rights or how to proceed with their claim,” and the website can “take them through the entire process in clear and precise language.”
Users can also find information about benefits and procedures, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as online versions of forms available at the DWC offices.

The new website is only available in English, but a Spanish version is in the works, according to the DWC release.

Moran asked users to complete a survey about the new resource, explaining that “feedback will enable DWC to continually improve the content and design of the website to ensure its effectiveness.”

The survey appears automatically in a pop-up window on the DIR website.

The new web page is the latest effort by DWC to assist workers, employers and claims administrators.

Moran on Monday wrapped up a nine-stop tour of the state to hear recommended solutions to problems in the system. She was accompanied by Christine Baker, director of the Department of Industrial Relations, at the forums spread across the past two weeks. 

The DIR is currently compiling written and verbal comments from these sessions and will be making them publicly available. Written comments can still be submitted by email to [email protected]. 

Source: Calif. DIR, WorkCompCentral

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