The Easiest way to keep Construction Companies in Compliance

4 Sep , 2018

The Easiest way to keep Construction Companies in Compliance

We keep construction companies in compliance! Get proper directions to find the solutions to stay in compliant with local, state, and federal laws. The rapid population expansion in Florida has been problematic in many areas. Of particular concern, is the effect it has taken
Client benefits of using Simple Work Comp
29 Dec , 2016

Client Benefits of using Simple Work Comp

Saves You Money Your bottom line is our top priority. No one saves you more time and money than Simple Work Comp. We leverage our nationwide buying power to provide you with the most affordable insurance solutions and pass the savings on to you.

Florida Workers Comp Increase Nullified

Judge Gievers Overturns Sept. 26th Workers Comp Increase Ruling Florida Wokers Comp Increase nullified as Judge Karen Gievers gave Florida Business Owners an early Christmas present this year. The much anticipated workers compensation rate increase of 14.5% was overturned increase which was slated to

Options for Florida Workers Compensation Increase

Florida Workers Compensation & Your Options Florida Workers Compensation carriers will be hiking rates across the board starting December 1, 2016  in accordance with the Supreme Court Workers Comp Ruling. All Florida businesses will be effected, and all will experience higher workers compensation costs.

Florida Workers Compensation Agents

Workers Compensation Agents in Florida Florida Workers Compensation Agents will soon face many challenges in the wake of the recent Florida Supreme Court ruling. Industry leaders and workers compensation underwriters have newly raised concerns as to whether or not other large market states will

What is a PEO Broker?

What is a PEO Broker, and how can they help my business? What is a PEO Broker? A PEO allows you to eliminate labor and non-profitable administrative costs and task, and reduce the amount of paperwork and time dedicated to managing the administrative side

National Labor Relations Board

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Thursday handed down one of its biggest decisions of President Obama’s tenure, ruling that companies can be held responsible for labor violations committed by their contractors You can rightly complain about the things which go on inside


Simple Cost Effective Worker’s Comp Coverage “All-In-One-Comp” is the easiest and most affordable way to handle work comp, employee payroll, payroll taxes and compliance related issues.  All-In-One-Comp was designed specifically for small business owners.  There are no long-term contracts required. Benefits of All-In-One-Comp No

Business Owners – Save Using PEO

Why use a PEO? A PEO is an “All-In-One” service that provides workers’ comp insurance, payroll, benefits and numerous HR services to its clients. Usually, working with a PEO will not cost a business owner.  In fact, using a PEO helps business owners save
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