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State: MN Report Says Paid Comp Claims Down 43% from 1997 to 2010:

The number of paid workers’ compensation claims fell 43% relative to the number of employees from 1997 to 2010, the 2010 “Minnesota Workers’ Compensation System Report” released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry shows. The report says the workers’ compensation claim

State: CA Owners of Construction Company Charged with Fraud:

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office filed fraud charges against the owners of a Southern California construction company for allegedly underreporting payroll to their workers’ compensation carrier. The District Attorney’s Office charged Gary Renshaw, 50, his wife Tammy Renshaw, 50, and their daughter

State: FL Contractor Charged in Shell Company Case:

The president of a West Florida construction company was arrested last week on charges of falsifying payroll information to reduce workers’ compensation premiums paid to Guarantee Insurance Co. and illegally using a “shell company.” Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said Friday that Randall

How Create a Compensation Plan

Creating a compensation package is not as simple as adding salary with benefits. There are many important factors to consider: If you offer incentives and/or bonus plans, you need to have very clear guidelines to minimize confusion and possible liability issues. These should not

Outsourcing Payroll

Many small business or practice owners with employees decide to outsource payroll and related tax duties to third party payroll service providers. This helps employers meet filing deadlines and deposit requirements and streamline business operations. Some of the services provided include administering payroll and
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