3 Simple Things to Make Your Small Business Look Professional

  • Whether you have a small business that you run out of a home office or a contracting business that you run primarily out of a truck or a plumbing business where you employ 20 other plumbers and cover half the state you can make it look as professional as IBM.  This article will discuss 3 simple ways to enhance your business image without breaking the bank.


    #1. The first thing to do is get professional business cards made.  Don’t worry; it’s simple and inexpensive.  Most printing companies have online sites that allow you to easily design a professional looking card.  Be sure to carry them everywhere you go in order to distribute them to people you meet. You might be surprised to learn how many people you encounter every day that need your expertise. Make a practice out of handing them out to everyone you talk to about business and to every client you work for.  A good-looking business card is invaluable for marketing purposes.  This is a nice touch that is simple and cost effective.


    #2. Get a toll free phone number for your business.  Toll free is a necessity unless you are strictly a local company.  However, even a local company while benefit from a toll free number. Toll free numbers lend an air of professionalism to your small business and make it appear larger and more professional. Also keep in mind, with internet telephones and VOIP, many local area business or individuals may have long distance numbers.  Toll free numbers are now easy to get and reasonable in cost.  There are Internet companies that assign toll free numbers and incorporate an entire call center operation.  People tend to feel more comfortable about a business when they can dial an 800 number.


    #3. The final touch to your small business is a professional website.  Begin by finding a good domain name. Choose a name that relates to your business and is easy to type into a web browser.  Next, find a hosting company.  Buying a domain name and getting a contract at a hosting company are both quick and simple strategies to making your business appear bigger and more professional.  The most expensive part will be selecting someone to design and write your website.  You will want a professional appearance and content because a poor looking site or improperly written content will actually drive business away.  The website also needs to be easy to navigate, provide basic information about your business and offer enhancements to make doing business easier for both you and the customer.


    These three steps are simple and will put you on the same playing field as bigger companies, at least in terms of marketing.


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