Get out from under your HIGH MOD – How to lower your MOD

Simple Work Comp has worry free solutions to help you lower your mod.

Contact us today If your business has suffered losses due to excessive claims and has a mod that exceeds 1.0.

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What is MOD?

Mod or xMod stands for experience modifier or experience modification. It is an adjustment of an employer’s premium for workers’ compensation coverage based on losses experienced. A mod of 1.0 is applied to an employer who has demonstrated the actual expected performance. Poor losses and excessive claims experience leads to a mod greater than 1.0. Which can result in higher premium costs or can even result in an employer losing coverage completely. Employers with better experience (no losses, no claims, clean) can obtain a mod less than 1.0; and can enjoy paying less than average for the coverage. An employer’s mod is typically determined by the last three years of experience; however, some carriers may choose to look further past three years.

How to lower your mod

If you lower your mod you can save money on your workers’ comp, so there no reason why you wouldn’t want to lower your mod. Even if you already have a 1.0 mod. Simple Work Comp has worry-free solutions to help you lower your mod. We understand most business owners get into business to run a successful business. Later on they realize they have to choose between spending their time and more money on managing tedious administrative tasks to keep their costs down and remain compliant.

Rather than adding additional hoops for you to jump through; Simple Work Comp consultants can help you eliminate hoops and learning curves by utilizing industry proven programs which will keep you compliant and get you on the path to lowering your mod.

Stop paying more, start paying less

Stop searching for DIY solutions that will cost you more time and more money. Contact us today and speak with an experienced work comp consultant (1-866-684-5684) who will answer all your questions and concerns regarding your mod.
Simple Work Comp’s consulting services are free to employers and agents, as we receive compensation from our nationwide network of partner markets.

Don’t pay any more than you have to; take control over the determining factor of your work comp costs.

Definition: Experience Rating

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