New York Corporate Workers Compensation

Created for New York Based Companies

New York Corporate Workers CompensationObtaining affordable New York Corporate Workers Compensation for low risk “white-collar” employees can be fairly easy. Simple Work Comp provides Workers Compensation for New York based business with 20 or more employees. Our white collar workers compensation programs are designed specifically for companies employing employees with low-risk job descriptions. Such coverage pertains to employees performing professional, managerial and/or administrative tasks, and work that is performed in an office environment. Additionally, corporate office employees SIC Class 8810 can also apply to credit unions trust companies and banks, as well as and some non-banking institutions such as free-standing payday advance and/or check cashing businesses provided these are the only operations being conducted on the premises.

Rates on New York Corporate Workers Compensation

New York is a competitive market for workers compensation insurance. However, our nationwide underwriters can provide the most affordable New York Corporate Workers Compensation Insurance available for SIC Class 8810 employers.

In addition to their very competitive rates, our underwriters provide quality work comp protection, and facilitate all workers compensation related tasks for you business. You can further reduce your New York workers compensation rates by bundling some of human resources tasks with your workers compensation insurance.

For more information on our New York Workers Compensation Insurance services, please call us at 1-866-684-5684.

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