• Increase Annual PEO Quote To Sales Ratio

    SimpleWorkComp & Payroll Consultants can help strengthen your PEO business.

    Increase your PEO Sales

    If you’re not writing the business… someone else is. Capitalize on the business you’re walking away from and let SimpleWorkComp earn you residual income on the deals you’re not able to write. We do all the work; you share in the profit.

    Empower your sales people with opportunity… motivate them with confidence.

    Get more production from your PEO sales people. Empower with the opportunity to pursue new business… instead of passing it to a competitor. Motivate them with the confidence of knowing they will close a larger percentage of the prospects they pursue.

    Retain High-Risk Non-renewable PEO Clients

    Working with SimpleWorkComp gives you the opportunity to retain high-risk unprofitable PEO clients, and the ability to gain new ones without assuming the risk.

    Leverage Your Assets

    With the ability to write new business your ROI will increase with each advertising dollar you spend.

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