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  • SimpleWorkComp Agent Partnership Program

    Agents Earn Workers Compensation Commissions

    On January 1st SimpleWorkComp, a national workers compensation provider based in Tampa, revealed it’s new “Agent Partnership Program”.  This nationwide program is intended to provide insurance Agents with a variety of solutions for their clients with high-risk policies who are in danger of losing their coverage and/or paying excessive workers compensation premiums.  Agents retain their book of business and earn commissions on all policies in which SimpleWorkComp writes on their behalf.

    Empowering Agents

    In addition to offering workers comp solutions for high-risk clients, the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program enables Agents to attract new business big and small.  Many Agents no longer have the ability to write worker’s comp policies and in some cases Agents have no desire to write small policies do to time constraints, ultimately forcing them to turn away business.  No matter how small or big the client, the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program handles all aspects of the policy, empowering Agents to focus their time and energy on prospecting and managing business that they are able to write.

    Agents Retain Their Book Of Business Guarantee

    Agents are guaranteed protection in that SimpleWorkComp will not pursue nor infringe upon their book of business.  All client introductions are handled with the Agent’s best interest in mind.  As an effort to gain the trust of Agent and to ensure completely transparency, SimpleWorkComp has established a Q & A forum which allows Agents to post questions, view responses from program directors, and view questions and comments by other Partnership Program Agents.

    Healthy Agent relationships are essential to the programs long-term success.  When an Agent becomes part of the SimpleWorkComp Partnership Program, we guarantee that we will never attempt to pursue their book of business.  Our objective is to write policies and to pay commissions to Agents on those policies.  Any attempt to infringe on an Agent’s business would be counterproductive to the program, and ultimately diminish any creditability we’ve earned in the past 18 years… so it will never happen.”

     Mike Martin, Vice President Sales

    Learn More About Our Workers Compensation Solutions

    As workers compensation legislation continues to have a perilous affect on employers across the nation, now is the time to pursue other avenues; to reinvent business models and to think out of the box.  SimpleWorkComp is doing just that.

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