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There are three key factors that go into calculating a workers’ compensation (WC) premium:

  1. The rate assigned to each payroll classification in your business,
  2. The total amount of your payroll for each classification,
  3. Your experience modification factor.

From an employer perspective, only one of the three key factors can be managed and lowered without a reduction of your staffing needs: the experience modification factor, also known as the “mod.”

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI,) or your state department of insurance typically determines the amount of risk assigned to payroll for each classification. The amount of payroll is a variable in the premium calculations.

Employer tip: staff as needed as the Workers’ Comp premiums should not be a deciding factor when hiring someone.

As an employer, are you wondering: “How can we reduce our mod?”

First step is understanding the purpose of a mod. The mod is a numeric representation of your business claim history. It represents the last three years of claim payments that were submitted on your behalf. The mod assigned to your job classifications is a comparison of your claims record to that of all other employers in your state with the same job classification code(s).

If your claim history and claim payments are above average, your mod will be above average (1.00) and your work comp premium will be above average as well.

On the contrary, if your claim payments and claim history is below average, your mod will be lower than average and your work comp premium will be lower than average.

Here are some examples of how this works when your claims history for a job classification code is twenty percent better and when it is twenty percent worse than other employers in your state with the same job classification codes.

The wise employer will utilize one of several methods that have proven to lower the mod:

  • Create a return-to-work program
  • Implement and enforce an effective safety program
  • Refrain from using uninsured subcontractors
  • Review your job classifications to verify that every employee is properly classified
  • Register to be part of a group rating

Let’s discuss these ways of lowering your mod.

A Return-to-Work Program:

A properly designed return to work program will have a great impact on your workers’ compensation cost.

When an injured worker returns to light or modified work duty, the cost of the Workers’ Comp claim can be reduced by a great amount.

One example:  if an injured worker hurts their arm, and the employee’s direct report decides to deny the employee to return to work on light duty, and refuses to bring the employee back.

The injured worker’s pay is $500 per week

It will take up to 20 weeks for the employee to fully recover from the injury.

The employee’s supervisor makes the decision that they do not want to be bothered with having an employee on light duty and refuses to take the employee back on hiring terms.

The total amount of the claim will be included in the mod calculations for the next three years of premium.

If the Risk Manager has established a mandatory return to work program, the supervisor would:

Bring the employee back to work on light or modified duty during their rehabilitation period.

Save the company what would have been paid in indemnity or lost wage benefits.

And, while the injured employee may not be working at their full potential, the employee still provides value to the company and does not require training staff to cover their tasks. 

However, the biggest impacts of the return-to-work program are:

The claim history is lower

The lower claim payments will be utilized in the calculation of the mod for the next three premium years.

A Strong Safety Program:

A safe workplace is key to lowering your mod. An effective safety program will result in less accidents and less injuries.

With less injuries, the claim payment history will be lower.

The lower the claim payment history, the lower the mod and the lower the work comp insurance premium will be.

If your safety program could use some help, please contact us to request our safety kit. You can also hire safety consultants who are trained to identify safety hazards. Implement the recommended safety changes and require safety training for all employees.

Refrain From Using Uninsured Subcontractors:

Failure to confirm proper WC insurance coverage is a common mistake made by employers when hiring subcontractors, especially in the construction fields. The use of self-insured subcontractors with their own WC coverage is important to the control of your mod because:

Subcontractors will be covered by your WC insurance if they do not have their own coverage and are injured while working for you.

This will increase the premium your company will owe at the year-end premium audit.

It will increase your company’s mod for the next three policy years.

It is well worth the effort to document the WC coverage of every subcontractor your company hires.

Employer Tip: Review Your Job Classifications

The overall loss experience of your company compared to the claim history of field managers in general could result in a mod factor lower or higher than it should be.

Going through the steps of carefully reviewing each employee’s classification type may result in savings to your company (or an increase in your premiums, but you avoid that whole crime called committing fraud, which is always a plus).

Become a Part of a Group Rating:

A lot of insurers will offer group rate discounts to recognized parties. The effect of the group discounts on your mod is due to most rating groups not accepting your company if your loss experience is above average.

Normally new companies are not allowed into a group rating, because you need to claim three years of loss experience to calculate the mod, it is a requirement. Before joining a group for the benefit of the group mod, be sure the group mod is lower than the mod your business by itself.

Does every company have an experience modification?

Does every company have an experience modification?

Similar to everything else in workers comp, experienced modifications vary by state. If the employer is pure self-insurance with no excess carrier and no large deductible, there is no need for an experienced mod. But, many states impose premium tax on self-insureds just like they do on regular insurance companies so the self-insured still has to track and report their loss and loss ratio. If the employer is self-insured up to a high deductible, the excess carrier will still report the loss information to NCCI and an e-mod is calculated for the self-insured employer.


  • The only real way to lower your workers’ compensation premium in many states is to lower your experience modification factor.
  • The best ways to lower your mod include:
    • Create a return-to-work program
    • Implement and enforce an effective safety program
    • Refrain from using uninsured subcontractors
    • Review your job classifications to verify that every employee is properly classified
    • Register to be part of a group rating

Contact Simple Work Comp and let our dedicated experts help reduce your mod today.


Review before you renew!

Simple Work Comp policy reviews and renewals

70% of work comp policy reviews result in lower premiums for our clients.

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The insurance industry is very competitive and despite what you may think, this competitiveness gives you an advantage that comes with options!

Running a business takes time, and I have yet to find a business client of ours who has too much time on their hands and has expressed joyously how excited they were to shop around for insurance. Especially workers’ comp insurance; and if the only option is getting comp coverage coverage from the state, then “forget about it”. You’ll have to jump though hoop after hoop for then minimum coverage just to stay in business.

On the other hand, I have heard satisfied clients of ours who were overjoyed to hear when we were able to lower their work comp premiums while also reducing their burdens of finding work’ comp insurance.

Work Comp Expiring?

If your work comp policy is expiring soon, then you owe it to yourself to get your policy reviewed before your renewal date. Loyalty is seldom rewarded in the insurance industry when it comes down to suffering claims and losses. It doesn’t matter how much you paid in the past, you will pay much more at renewal, and that’s if you’re not being dropped completely.

Know your Options

You should know what your renewal options are. Chances are your current insurance carrier won’t be supplying you with a competitive quote upon your renewal. It is what it is, and you’ll have to sign. Don’t get cornered with a last-minute renewal policy!

Simple Work Comp offers free work comp policy reviews as well as business insurance reviews for businesses of all sizes and every industry. (Request a review) Our insurance consultants are experts in insurance risk and the insurance risk marketplace.

We will review your coverage and find you an alternative quote against your current carrier.

About Insurance Carriers

All insurance carriers are not created equal. Different insurance carriers have different appetites. Which means, your business and your specific industry risk may not fit with what they are willing to insure; and if you do decide to go with their coverage (out of convenience), you may end up paying more.

We understand insurance carrier appetites and are on top of who’s insuring this risk vs that risks with a better rate.

Need help now?
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Simple Work Comp can help you explore your insurance options win without endlessly wasting your time & breath speaking and explaining your life’s business to everyone.

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Did you know?

You can have work comp coverage?

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  • Without long-term contracts.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • With pay-as-you-go weekly payments.

About Simple Work Comp

Simple Work Comp is part of an independent group of companies that broker and specializes in workers compensation insurance and employee related costs since 1999.

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Simple Work Comp Policy Reviews an Renewals
Simple Work Comp offers free work comp policy reviews as well as business insurance reviews for businesses of all sizes and every industry.




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Florida Workers’ Comp Rates to drop 7.5 percent

Effective January 1, 2020, Florida Workers’ Comp Rates for new and renewal policies for other than the “F” classifications, the statewide overall rate level change shall be -7.5% for the filing.

Florida worker's comp rates to drop 7.5 percent.


Contact us to have your Florida Workers’ Comp Rates verified.

Florida Workers Comp rate drop filing signed by David Altmaier, Commissioner Office of Insurance Regulation

OIR Orders Larger Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rate Decrease for 2020

Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier issued an Order​ on Rate Filing on Thursday, October 24, 2018 to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) requesting an amended filing to reduce workers’ compensation rates by 7.5 percent for 2020.

The Order notifies NCCI that the rate filing submitted for a 5.4% rate decrease has been disapproved and, if amended by November 4, 2019, will be approved with the larger workers’ compensation rate decrease.

Approval of a revised 7.5 rate decrease is contingent on the amended filing being submitted with changes as stipulated within the Order. If approved by the OIR, the revised rate decrease would become effective on January 1, 2020, for new and renewal business.

Source: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

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We are a leader in the workers’ compensation industry for two reasons, our service and experience! We provide everything the small business owner needs in one convenient location and treat each client like a VIP because to us you are! Beginning with the first phone call, you can expect complete satisfaction each and every step of the way.

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Fix diminishing agent commissions with Simple Work Comp


Do your commissions diminish upon renewal? If so, how big a hit will you take when your comp clients renew? 10%? 20%? 50%?

As an agent you know all work comp carriers are not created equal. However, when it comes to agent commissions, some carriers are equally great at wanting you to believe that reduced commission percentages at renewal is the industry norm.

If this is happening to you or your agency, we can help.

Make diminishing commissions to your agency a thing of the past and fix them with our preferred alternative pay-as-you-go work comp markets.

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Placing your work comp clients with the state fund, is it worth it?

Getting work comp coverage with the state fund

Do the commissions justify the paper work? How to get more reward from your hard-to-place work comp clients.

Sometimes we all need to know when to cut our losses and move on. However, that’s easier said than done. As a work comp insurance agent, you occasionally deal with people who own or operate companies, with employees, with losses (shock losses), and sometimes choose to perform risks that normal underwriters just won’t even return your calls or emails on.

So, what do you do? You’re stuck, right? Wrong! If you’re a savvy insurance agent, then you know there’s always a way via your state insurance fund. Now I’m going to wager if you know about the state insurance fund, then you know you can also refer to it as a ton of paperwork.

The state fund requires you to get the answers to a million and one questions and after all the questions are answered they then come back to you with a huge inflated premium amount that your client either has to pay or risk going out of business, by losing business due to lack of proper work comp coverage. This on some levels is almost as close as you can get to feeling what its like working a deal with the mob.

Now, if you’ve been persistent or lucky enough to reach the point where your client can afford to pay the over inflated premium and you still have all your hair. You can then look forward to receiving a nice commission from the aforementioned premium. After all, you did all the wok and got the deal done. Right, wrong again!

The agents placing their high-risk clients with the state are lucky to see three percent in commissions for all their hard work.

Let’s put that into perspective. At 3%, a $30k premium would only net you $900. And if you must split that with your agency then you can do that math.

Simple Work Comp is an alternative wholesale broker that provides professional work comp quote services to agents and brokers across the country.

We help agents keep their clients out of the state fund by trying to secure the best rates. On average our agents can save their clients as much as 40% off of premium and still could earn more in commissions than if they had placed their client with the overpriced state fund.

Avoiding all the work and sparing their clients the proverbial hoops and hurdle jumping.

Simple Work Comp makes it easy for insurance agents to submit their risks and get answers on available work comp coverages for their clients.

If you’re an agent and have clients that are in the state fund or are unquotable for whatever reason, contact us for assistance.

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Helping Agents Save Their Clients

Work Comp Agents, Hard to place work comp

We love opportunities to help insurance agents avoid unnecessary woes with workers’ comp shopping. No matter the size of the client.

Last week we spoke with an insurance agent who does not work in the work comp industry, but had a client who now needed coverage for comp.

His client had been with him for many years and because of this, the agent was a bit weary of having his client shop around by himself and being prospected for other aspects of his insurance at the same time.

His client is a small business. The kind of small business where no one stood to earn any real commission off of their policy. However our policy is to do our best to help all businesses no matter how big or small.

After a brief phone consultation with the agent, we got underway searching for the best policy that would fit his client’s needs.

A couple of calls, emails, and clicks later to our markets, we were able to find solution which worked out for his client.

At Simple Work Comp we value our relationships with our insurance agents, because without them and our good relationships, we would have no real business.

Our number on goal is to lend our experience to agents in need when needed. No strings attached. (Agent Protection)

So without any major headaches (for the agent or his client), Simple Work Comp was able to help his client find the best coverage possible.

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We are always happy to help.

We have over 80 years of combined workers’ comp experience and have pioneered the methods used today to save businesses on workers’ compensation insurance.

High-Risk, hard-to-place, new ventures, non-renewals, and more.

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California Experience Rating

The Insurance Commissioner recently adopted changes to California experience rating (X-Mod).

Under the new California Experience Rating Plan (2019) only the amount of each of your claims, up to your primary threshold, is used in the X-Mod computation.

California experience rating mod formula

These changes make it easier for employers to understand:

  • How reducing workplace injuries will reduce their premium cost
  • The importance of reporting all claims

The new formula excludes the first $250 of each claim from the X-Mod computation. This change removes any experience rating incentive to not report the cost of small or “first aid” type claims to your insurer. The new California experience rating simplified formula also places a clear and direct emphasis on reducing the occurrence and cost of workplace injuries as reflected in the actual primary losses.

Contact us regarding your California Workers’ Comp and Experience Rating

Definition of Terms

  • Actual primary losses
    Equal to the cost of losses incurred with each loss limited to a policyholder’s primary threshold
  • Expected excess losses
    Equal to the average losses expected for businesses of similar size and industry in excess of the primary threshold
  • Expected losses
    Equal the total losses expected for businesses of similar size and industry

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the $250 loss exclusion work?
Under California’s Experience Rating Plan only the amount of each of your claims, up to your primary threshold, is used in the X-Mod computation. With the $250 loss exclusion, that amount is reduced by $250. For example, if you have a $10,000 primary threshold and a single claim of $5,000, the amount used in the X-Mod computation is $4,750. If you have a single claim of $15,000, the amount used in the X-Mod is your primary threshold ($10,000) less $250, or $9,750.

Is the first $250 excluded from all claims?
Yes, any claim incurred against policies incepting during the experience period for your 2019 experience modification, which includes 2015, 2016 and 2017 policies, will be used in the X-Mod computation at $250 less than its reported value.

What if I file a claim that’s valued at $250 or less?
A claim with a reported cost of $250 or less will continue to be shown on the experience rating worksheet, but will not be used in any way in the X-Mod calculation.

If I only have one claim over $250 during the experience period, do claims valued at $250 or less affect the 25 point cap to my lossfree X-Mod?
Any claim of $250 or less will not be considered in the determination of whether the single claim cap of 25% applies. In other words, if you have two claims during the experience period and one is reported at $250 or less, the single claim X-Mod cap of 25% will still apply.

Does the simplification of the formula affect my X-Mod?
No. It does not change the X-Mod value.

Can I lower my X-Mod if it is too high?
Yes! Simple Work Comp has programs in place that (if accepted to the program) can lower your California Experience Rating.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding lowering your X-mod and getting discounts on your workers’s comp insurance and unemployment taxes.

Source: WCIRB

how to lower your mod, lower work comp, simple work comp,

The Easiest way to keep Construction Companies in Compliance

We keep construction companies in compliance!

Get proper directions to find the solutions to stay in compliant with local, state, and federal laws.


The rapid population expansion in Florida has been problematic in many areas. Of particular concern, is the effect it has taken on the construction industry.

Many small contracting companies start with an opinion that their skills and knowledge are enough to fulfill a niche that will make them successful business owners. However, they end up failing because they didn’t have enough capital to start or the proper direction to find solutions to keep in compliance with Florida Law and the Department of Revenue.

Becoming a small business owner requires them to become small business employers – responsible for being aware of employment-related laws and regulations. Keeping in Compliance with things like AHCA- Affordable Healthcare Act, FUTA – Federal Unemployment Tax Account, IRCA – Immigration Reform and Control Act, IRS, OSHA, and there are 23 more as well.


Do you work for or own a Construction Company in Florida? If so, Call Simple Work Comp to get a quick no-cost consultation on how to stay compliant without any worry or effort.

We’ll review your current policies and determine if you can save more money. 

Why would Florida Regulators be comfortable with referring PEO’s?

PEO’s provide economical workers’ comp for small contracting groups as small as one employee. They are continually monitored by the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation, Dept. of Wage & Hour, Dept. of Financial Services and Office of Insurance & Regulation. In cooperation with regulatory associations, the risk management team provides lists of insured employees (on payroll) to general contractors and regulators upon request.

What exactly is Employee Leasing?

Also referred to as Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), Employee Leasing Companies assume the workers’ compensation liabilities and payroll financial responsibilities for businesses, allowing the business owners to focus primarily on what they do best… build business and serve clients and customers better.

Worker’s Compensation Advantages:

No annual large down payments required, Lower worker’s compensation costs, No audits or penalties, Relief of fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.


Payroll Advantages:

Relief of payroll tax deposits, Relief of unemployment claim administration, On time and accurate payroll checks and reports, Payroll registers (proof of who’s covered.), Relief of filing 940’s, 941’s and UCT-6 forms, Year-end W-2 processing.

Lower costs (checks, computers, software, etc.)

Employee Benefit Advantages:

Lower health insurance premiums, Expanded employee benefits, and options, Increased employee productivity, Reduction in employee turnover.


Compliance Advantages:

EEOC Compliance, Wage and Hour Compliance, Employee discharge, Dealing with the problem employee, Up-to-date awareness of changes in employment-related laws and regulations.

Do you work for or own a Construction Company in Florida? If so, Call Simple Work Comp to get a quick no-cost consultation on how to stay compliant without any worry or effort.

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